Human Rights

We cannot expect peace in our time if we do not actively try to protect the rights of others. We need to think outside our own particular special interests. We see how important this can be when we look at the rise of, and the policies of, Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I actually find it fascinating to see how people today seem to have so little understanding of that time, including many politicians. The fact is that they persecuted the Communists, and then the Socialists and the trade unions, and then minorities such as the Romanies, and then the Jews. But the German people turned a blind eye to what was happening unless they were the targets of the persecution because it suited their purposes. Until, eventually, it was too late, and the atmosphere of persecution, and the stripping away of human rights, was so pervasive that nothing short of bloody revolution or war was going to remedy the situation.

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