Perfection is an ideal rather than something we can really achieve. While it is certainly possible to know the alphabet, or the times tables perfectly, even there, we had to start somewhere. I am sure that I did not know the alphabet after hearing it just once. Equally, I know that, regardless of how well… Continue reading Perfection

Life’s Purpose

Of course, many would say that the whole purpose of life is to enjoy yourself, and not care about the difficulties of others. But lives lived in such a manner are empty indeed. Selfishness never was happiness. I do not suggest that everything we ever do or say should be selfless, but if we never… Continue reading Life’s Purpose

Seize the Day

To me, this isn’t about being nice, or saying kind things. I am reminded of the Latin phrase “carpe diem” which is loosely translated as “seize the day.” When Horace said this he was expressing the idea that one should enjoy life while one can. If you really want to live in the day, try… Continue reading Seize the Day


This means, of course, to be true and honest to oneself, but also to others. It means to act authentically in accordance with your own beliefs and desires. In other words, integrity is important. Having said that, integrity sometimes means acting against our own interests. For example, suppose we are asked to do something in… Continue reading Integrity


Here’s a question for you. Are you trustworthy? To put it another way, can you keep a confidence? Did you answer honestly? If you ever repeat what you may have been told in confidence, then you are unreliable, and sooner or later that will become clear, and impinge on your personal relationships. I know that… Continue reading Confidences