True Joy

And following on from the previous thought, Shaw  voices a very similar idea. After all, if you are prepared to do nothing more than complain that not enough is being done for you, what use are you? Ironically, even though such behavior does not lead to lasting satisfaction, the opposite is true for those who… Continue reading True Joy

Sharing Talents

This certainly provokes thought. It almost seems counter-intuitive to think that it is by serving others that we find our own greatest satisfaction. But really, what Chopra is saying here is that it is the blending of our talents with others that brings satisfaction in life. It is the lack of selfishness which leads to… Continue reading Sharing Talents

Rearranging Prejudices

Thinking implies more than simply flitting from one idea to the next. To really think, you need an open mind. And an open mind implies one which can be persuaded if needs be, or which looks reflectively on what you have learned (or been taught). I find, for example, that I have a more balanced… Continue reading Rearranging Prejudices


By their nature, quotations are small vignettes which are not to be taken too literally. This is one of those situations. Words, after all, need to be defined, and in defining integrity you automatically create rules for it. As applied to a person it is the quality of being honest, and having strong moral principles,… Continue reading Integrity


Keeping up with the Jones’s has never seemed to me to be much like flattery. Should I repeat lies just because an important person who I might otherwise look up to tells them? I could give many other such rhetorical questions. Personally, I would rather be my own man. But listening to somebody, and I… Continue reading Listening


This is one of many witty and amusing quotes from this author. I’ve always known that mincing my words means that I am speaking vaguely, or indirectly. The phrase is more commonly used in a negative context, as in not mincing one’s words so that you are speaking directly, and don’t care if the person… Continue reading Words


I know most of my quotes do not directly relate to family. But since this site is about family history, here is one now. And what can be more important than family? Back to Inspirational Thoughts and Ideas

Do Something

The thought expressed here is blindingly obvious. If we fail to do something that is within our power we are betraying ourselves. When Mother Teresa started to help the poor and needy in India I am sure she thought she was doing a small thing. I am reminded of the boy who threw starfish back… Continue reading Do Something