There is a lot of talk nowadays about rights and freedoms. Some seem to think that their perceived freedoms trump the freedoms of others. I rather like the idea that my freedom to swing my fist ends at the beginning of your nose. In reality, of course, that freedom ends long before I get close… Continue reading Freedom


Although often attributed to Washington, this is another of the sayings he wrote down when he was about 12 years old. Conscience can be a tricky thing, but I often use it to decide whether a particular course of conduct is correct. Which one will allow me to sleep at night, and look others in… Continue reading Conscience

Hard Work

Hard workers are considered dependable people because they do not make excuses or procrastinate; they just get the job done. Hard work keeps you healthy, both physically and mentally. Hard work helps you build discipline, teaches you values, and gives you results. Hard work means consistency and doing it now, not putting it off until… Continue reading Hard Work


The literal meaning of this advice is that lending money brings risks with it. But is this something that should be taken seriously? Is this, perhaps, something to take with a pinch of salt? And would the advice, if given today, be the same as in Shakespeare’s day? It would be very difficult to live… Continue reading Borrowing


Temper does have its place in our lives, but it is going to be rare indeed that displaying that temper to others is likely to achieve a positive result. For example, temper may fuel righteous indignation, but letting that temper show indiscriminately is unlikely to bring about something of lasting worth. And even less likely… Continue reading Temper