The literal meaning of this advice is that lending money brings risks with it. But is this something that should be taken seriously? Is this, perhaps, something to take with a pinch of salt? And would the advice, if given today, be the same as in Shakespeare’s day? It would be very difficult to live independently nowadays without some debt. For example, it would be hard to accumulate the funds to buy a reliable car without saving money over a few years. So, instead of saving, people often borrow to get the car, and then pay the loan off by installments. It would certainly be possible to save before spending for a car. But what about a house? Prices are so high nowadays that it would be virtually impossible to save the money to pay for a house in cash. I think today’s advice would be more along the lines of “Be careful, and weigh all options (and especially your ability to repay) before you borrow.”

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