Blogs, Vlogs, Newsletters and Webinars

This page is intended to give you an overview of the type of content available for you to view in terms of blogs, vlogs, newsletters and webinars. There are many more out there than the few I mention here, including several useful ones which are no longer being updated. I encourage you to use your search engine to find others which may be of use to you. And feel free to suggest new ones to me in your comments.

1. Genealogy Guys Podcasts
George Morgan and Drew Smith actually have two podcasts: The first is called The Genealogy Guys Podcast. This is the longest running genealogy podcast, and comes out about once a month and at the time of writing has 393 episodes each lasting about 30 minutes. They consist mainly of general news and information on the family history front. They answer listener’s email questions, but also include discussions and interviews with experts such as Diahan Southard on DNA.
The second is called Genealogy Connection, which started in June 2016. This is a podcast where they interview researchers, writers, speakers, educators and so forth, all from the genealogy world. They are currently up to episode 77.

Example of each podcast:
The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection: The Genealogy Guys Podcast #393
The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection: Genealogy Connection #077 – Pat Richley-Erickson aka DearMYRTLE

2. Your DNA Guide (Free)
Many people, including me, have gaps in their trees, which cannot be filled by traditional research. In my case it was my maternal grandfather, who was not using his birth name when he met and married my grandmother. When they split up he returned to his birth town where he resumed his birth name. At any rate, Diahan Southard really has a grip on the DNA/Genealogy world. I actually came across her after I identified my grandfather, but I am sure my search would have been shorter if I had found her earlier.
Example of podcast:
Finding Great Grandfather | How I Finally Found Out Who I Am — Your DNA Guide

3. Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter (Can subscribe for free)
This newsletter is published virtually daily. At the time of writing there are three news articles from two days ago and two from three days ago. You can read most of the articles without a subscription, but you do need a subscription to write messages in the discussion forum or to comment on any of the articles.
Find latest news articles here:
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter – Latest News (

4. Genea Webinars (Paid subscription) 
According to the website, “There are currently over 35 hosts and speakers with posting access to this calendar and blog, and over 200 hours of scheduled instruction for genealogists wishing to hone their research skills” Even if you do not wish to pay for a subscription, most new webinars are are available free for a limited time.
Home page:

5. Legacy Family Tree Webinars (Paid subscription) 
All of their live webinars are free. Each webinar is also free to view for 7 days after the initial event. But to view the hundreds of webinar recordings a subscription (currently $49.95 per year) is required. 
Home page:
Legacy Family Tree Webinars

6. Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast (Free subscription) 
This is an old podcast and, as far as I can tell, there are no new podcasts since 2014. All 45 episodes, though, are both interesting and informative.
Home page:
Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast – Genealogy Gems (

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