Telling the Truth

Being kind is often more important than being right.  It is comforting to think that by choosing appropriate thoughts, actions, and responses, each of us can positively impact our own state of mind and promote our overall well-being without needing to negatively impact the state of mind of those around us. It really comes down… Continue reading Telling the Truth

Real Listening

This quote almost doesn’t need an explanation. I know I have been guilty of this many times. And while it is good to anticipate the thrust of what is being said to us, preparing our own speech in rebuttal is not really listening at all, and we end up talking at cross-purposes. Now, don’t get… Continue reading Real Listening

Check Me Out

If it were true when Reagan was President of the United States, it is even more so now. Remember, Reagan died the same year Facebook was started, so his warning to the students of America has even more relevance today. How I long for the days when I was able to watch the news, and… Continue reading Check Me Out