Preserving Pictures for Family History

It helps to bring family history to life if you can include pictures and stories as you gather information. I have had false starts in this area over the years but I would like to think that I am finally getting a handle on this.

I have had a scanner for many years. It works well enough but the software that goes with it is clunky and time-consuming. As a result I was not encouraged to use it a lot.

Three years ago i bought a QromaScan at Rootstech. It’s good, and i still use it occasionally, but it needs to be assembled before use and doesn’t always work as I would expect.

So what has changed? One of my purchases at RootsTech this year was of a portable scanner called a FlipPal scanner. It is high on battery use but so convenient. In the four days since it has arrived I have scanned 40 pictures, amended the metadata and placed it all in a spreadsheet. It will even scan pictures still in the frame, as well as being able to split large pictures between multiple scans and then seamlessly stitch them back together. The picture enhancement software is excellent as well.

Next week I’ll talk about stories because without them family history really is nothing but dry facts and figures.

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