Parishes before 1837

Prior to 1 July 1837, when civil registration began, the records of the various Church of England parishes in England & Wales were extremely important. By their nature, they did not record information about everybody within the parish.

Organization … Backups

And, going right along with organizing your file structure, comes organizing your backups. You may think that backups are not particularly important, but they are. What happens if your hard drive fails, for example? In my case, I had to reinstall Windows (part of the reason there was a 6-week gap in my posts) but… Continue reading Organization … Backups

Data Entry – Places

Now, just as with personal names and dates, it is important to be consistent with place names. But it is also important to avoid unnecessary abbreviations. For example, a lot of my people come from Gloucestershire. But if I search for Glos (an abbreviation), or GLS (the Chapman code) for the county, how much data… Continue reading Data Entry – Places

Data Entry – Dates

I’ve started, so I may as well finish. How should you enter dates? This is much less critical than how you enter names of people or of places. You are not very likely to search for an exact date, after all is said and done. For internet searches, a year will usually suffice, or even… Continue reading Data Entry – Dates

Data Entry – Names

First, let me state that there is no absolute standard for data entry in family history – at the end of the day what’s important is that your system works for you, and not against you. As such, while these are guidelines only, I would like to think they comply with common sense. This post… Continue reading Data Entry – Names